Space and Nuclear Research Centres of India

Research Centres of India.
Here we provide the list of Space and Nuclear Research Centres of India

1.Central Forest Research Institute-Dehradun(Uttarakhand)
2.Indian Institute of Petroleum-Dehradun.
3.Haffkine Institute-Mumbai.
4.Indian Cancer Research Institute-Mumbai.
5.Tata Institute of Fundamental Research-Mumbai.
6.Cattle breeding Institute-Hissar(Haryana).
7.National Dairy Research Institute-Karnal(Haryana).
8.National Tuberculosis Institute-Bengaluru.
9.Raman Research centre-Bengaluru.
10.National Aeronautical Laboratory-Bengaluru.
11.Vallabhai Patel Chest Institute-Delhi.
12.National Institute of Communicable Diseases-Delhi.
13.Central Road Research Institute-New Delhi.
14.Indian Meteorological Observatory-Pune and Delhi.
15.All India Institute of Medical Sciences-(AIIMS)New Delhi.
16.All India Malaria Research Institute-New Delhi.
17.Indian Agricultural Research Institute-New Delhi.
18.Central Coconut Research Institute-Kerala.
19.National Environmental Engineering Research Institute-Nagpur.
20.Central Fuel Research Institute-Dhanbad.
21.Center for Molecular and Cellular Biology-Hyderabad.
22.National Botanical Research Institute-Lucknow.
23.Central Drug Research Institute-Lucknow.
24.Industrial Toxicology Research Institute-Lucknow.
25.Central Drug Research Institute-Lucknow.
26.Indian Veterinary Research Institute-Mukteshwar (Himachal Pradesh.
27.Textile Research Institute-Ahmedabad.
28.National Institution of Occupation Health-Ahmedabad
29.Central Potato Research Institute-Shimla.
30.Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute-Durgapur.
31.Central Leprosy Training and Research InstituteChingelpet.
32.King Institute of Preventive Medicine-Guindy(Chennai).
33.Central Sugarcane Research Institute-Coimbatore.
34.Central Leather Research Institute-Chennai.
35.Central Electro-Chemical Research Institute-Karaikudi.
36.Central Food Technological Research Institute-Mysore(Karnataka).
37.Central Institute of Virology-Pune(Maharashtra).
38.Indian Lac Research Institute-Ranchi(Jharkhand).
39.PGI Medical Education and Research-Chandigarh.
40.Indian Institute of Chemical Biology-Kolkata.
41.Central Jute Technological Research Institute-Kolkata.
42.Archaeological Survey of India-Kolkata.
43.School of Tropical Medicine-Kolkata.
44.All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health-Kolkata.
45.Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute-Kolkata.
46.National Geophysics Research Institute-Hyderabad
47.National Institute of Nutrition-Hyderabad.
48.National Geophysics Research Institute-Hyderabad.
49.High Altitude Research Laboratory-Gulmarg.
50.Central Mining Research Institute-Dhanbad.
51.Central Building Research Institute-Roorkee.
52.Central Scientific Instruments Organization-Chandigarh.
53.Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute-Bhavnagar.
54.Central Rice Research Institute-Cuttack.
55.National Institute of Oceanography-Panaji.
56.National Sugar Research Institute-Kanpur.

Nuclear and Space Research Centres.
1.India Rare Earths Limited-Alwaye(Kerala).
2.Uranium Corporation of India-Jadugoda.
3.Indian Space Research Organization-Bengaluru.
4.Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)-Mumbai.
5.Electronics Corporation of India-Hyderabad.
6.Bhabha Atomic Research Centre-Trombay.
7.Radio Astronomy Centre-Ootacamund.
8.Tata Institute of Fundamental Research-Mumbai.
9.Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics-Kolkata.
10.College of Satellite Communication Technology-Ahmedabad.
11.Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre-Thiruvanandapuram.
12.Indian Scientific Satellite Project-Bengaluru.
13.Thumba Equatorial Launching Station-Thumba, Kerala.
14.Space Commission-Bengaluru.
15.Space Application Centre-Ahmedabad.
16.Nuclear Fuel Complex-Hyderabad.
17.Nuclear Power Complex-Mumbai.
18.Centre of Earth Science Studies-Trivandrum.
19.Physical Research Laboratory-Ahmedabad.
20.Defence Research and Development Organisation-Hyderabad.
Space and Nuclear Research Centres of India

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