Meaning and Content of politics

Question 3- Under the nomenclature of Politics, briefly discuss various names, make it clear that what is the most appropriate name in your opinion? Or interpret the meaning and content of politics, political science, politics theory, politics philosophy and comparative politics. Or explain the differences in political science, political philosophy and comparative politics. And is politics science really science? Explain on the basis of appropriate title?

Answer-Well-known scholar, Zeilin, while expressing his opinion regarding the naming of political science, has written, “Politics is not a science other than science, which must have the same requirement as the technical terms.” This statement of the Jaalinik Sir seems to be true to a considerable extent in relation to the naming of important topics like politics. At present, the subject related to the political activities of the human beings and institutions is addressed in the name of political science. Since the beginning of the nomination of this topic scholars have been a big difference. All scholars have tried to define the subject based on the names given to this subject. However, it has now been given names like politics, politics philosophy, political science, political science, politics theory, comparative politics etc. But in the names mentioned above, the best and most popular name is of political science. Therefore, political science in the present era is a great contribution of human intellectual property. So, in general, state and government are studied under political science. If we seriously consider it in terms of its study, it is not only the state and the government but also the fund of many human qualities.


Today about two and a half thousand years ago this topic was originated in Greek of ancient times. This term of Indian language (politics) is the transformation of the word politics of English. The use of word politics as a scripture is not new. This word was first used by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He had named his book ‘Polotics’ related to the city state. On this basis, it is called the father of political science. This name seems to be appropriate considering the origin of this word. The word is derived from the Greek language ‘Polis’ and ‘Polia’ (Politia) means ‘police’ means city state and ‘politiya’ means citizens. In ancient Yunnan the city used to be a sovereign state. Therefore, ‘politics’ from this point of view is the science in which all the state related problems are studied. In modern times the use of the word ‘politics’ is not ready to treat political science as appropriate. According to ideology, according to the ideology, two forms of politics are considered as first practical politics and second rule, the word ‘politics’ is limited to that part of the work which is related to the actual operation of the work of the state. political Science

In the context of this name, the scholars have argued that under this topic, important topics like constitution, diplomacy, public administration, international relations and international law are studied. On this basis it is appropriate to give it the name of political science. The term Political Science was used by Godwin and Mary Well Stranded.

As far as science is concerned, that is the group of science knowledge, as the order is clear and hence there is a certain order in politics based on which we study this subject. In a clear definition of science, the famous political scholar, Gautil’s opinion, is a science that is related to a subject that is classified and timed and classified based on duly trials and experiences. Hence all these elements are also found in political science. Political science is also a science based on this basis Meaning and Content of politics

Political theory

David Easton has given special emphasis on the role and importance of the theory in political science. It is credited to Easton that he first attracted political leaders towards the requirements of political theory. According to David Easton- “The construction of the theory is an essential condition for making political science a systematic science, and in its absence, politics is a person’s personality.” In the words of David Easton- “I will present the argument that the work or role of the theory and its Without the conscious information of the possibility, political research will be non-binding and discriminatory and the promise of your political science campaign Hn will not l

As a result of the political experimentation under the definition of political science, it was divided into two parts (1) theoretical politics and practical (2) solution experimental or experimental politics. Under theoretical politics, the basic problems of the state are studied. It implies that the origin, nature and purpose of the state is studied and the principles of political organization and administration are studied. In this way we can say that under the political theory, the principle of state (classification of different forms of creation, rule and sovereignty) government principles (types of institutions, executive, administrative and area of law and its limits, law related principles , (The purpose of the law and the process of law making, the nature and acceptance of the law, arrangement related matters Law) and the principle of state as an artificial person Facts (international law related to other states and humanitarian principles) etc. are studied.

Political philosophy

Some scholars have also addressed this topic as ‘Political philosophy’. According to them the nature of our subject is theoretical and philosophical, not practical. Under the study topic, we mainly study the basic facts related to political institutions, not their activities. Under this subject, we study the origins of the states in terms of their development, nature, purpose, human rights and duty and political beliefs, so that the main basis of state-related studies is these principles, hence it should be called political philosophy.Meaning and Content of politics

The entire world is studied in philosophy and in politics one major part of the world is studied, so it is advisable to call it a political philosophy from an attitude. Just as the basis of philosophy is imagination and logic, not science, in the same way, the basis of this subject is not science but imagination and logic. Confirmation of this opinion also comes from the statement of Halwale that “Political philosophy is not related to political institutions as it is from those ideas and aspirations in those institutions. No interest in it, how the facts happen, as it is in what happens and why? “

Thus there is a difference in political science and Raj Darshan. In fact, political science inspires all the subjects covered under political science, whereas politics is his philosophy.

One of the aspects. In other words, we can say that political philosophy is concerned with the ideas and aspirations contained in political institutions, whereas political science is concerned with the various aspects of all political institutions, political processes and the political system.

In fact, politics science is in line with our study subject, because under this term, our complete study comes. Political science also exposes the nature of the word subject. The word ‘political philosophy’ does not reveal the true nature of political science, but by saying political science it becomes clear that the subject presented is both a science and an art.
Meaning and Content of politics
In addition to this, the meaning of science in the present time is taken from ‘a systematic, rational and developed knowledge’. Therefore political science can be a more respectable noun for this topic. Selley, Burgess, Willowby, Gattles, Garner, Lekak consider the term of political science as appropriate. In a conference held under the auspices of UNESCO in 1948, the scholars of political science, aggregated, declared the word ‘political science’ only. Gilakrive rightly said, “Political science is the most appropriate name from the point of view of discrimination and experimentation.”

As far as the ‘politics philosophy’ is concerned. The address of ‘Political philosophy’ is not appropriate for this broad topic, because this word limits it to theoretical field. There is absence of clarity and certainty regarding the subject of this word and at the same time there is no scientific and logical study of state related subjects. Hence the name ‘Political philosophy’ is not appropriate.

comparative Politics

In the post-war years, the new trends that emerged in the field of political thought are emphasizing that comparative politics is the most suitable and meaningful term for the subject of political study. Proponents of behaviorist tendencies wish to liberate political science from the statutory studies of state and political institutions. They emphasize that in the modern political science, the rule of one country or the political system should not be the basis of its study. According to him, the requirement is that on the basis of the concept of comprehensive paradigms of the political system, a comparative study of the various state-of-the-state systems should be presented. Because comparative politics is the word ‘only relation’ with the fullness of political behavior.

In the study of politics like any scientist on u rule, the method of comparative analysis is of utmost importance. Its major part and importance in political interpretation. That is why this comparative study of politics is not only confined to the superficial episodes of structural comparisons but also it has been practiced in the behavioral study of non-governmental units such as tribes, communities, groups, associations. According to Edward Free Man- “Balanced Politics is a comparative interpretation and analysis of various types of political institutions and governments.” In the words of Makrodius – “From the time of Herodotus and Aristotle, political values, beliefs, institutions, governments and The differences in political arrangements have been alive and the systematic efforts to find time elements in these differences It should be called comparative political analysis. “

The systematic introduction of the electoral political study is considered by Aristotle and since then, various political systems have been studied and classified to explain the political behavior by political classists, and new innovations have been rendered by new researches. is.

In this way, the study of cognitive politics in the field of political science has been attractive since inception and it has special significance in terms of development.

Based on the above description, concludes: It can be said that Politics is such a word By which there is an understanding of various aspects of the state. This word represents both practical and theological aspects of this subject. Because it has a systematic and scientific arrangement of various elements like state, governance and law etc. Therefore, the most appropriate and near-competitive name in the title, politics, political science, politics philosophy, politics theory and comparative politics is only political science and it is best to address it by the name only, it would be best and useful.Meaning and Content of politics

Is political science really science?

Many scholars have been accepting political science as a science since ancient times. Aristotle, the father of political science, first described politics as the best science. In his state study, Artista resorted to scientific methods. Boda, Hambus, Montescu, Lewis, Bryce, Sijavik, Garner etc. have put political science in the category of science. The science of political science has been given below

1. The general fact- The validity of political science is definitely there. Acharya Kautilya, in his economics, has written, while describing this kind of universality: “If the power of punishments is misused, then what is the matter of the householders, even Varanasi and Sannyasis become angry and rebel. On the use of the right state, there is a state of religion everywhere in the public. “Similarly, on some other things all agree and other people Members of Ewaon should be appointed on a permanent basis, and they must be neutral and impartial.

2. Stability and uniformity in the nature of the study material- Political science is also kept in the category of study material on the basis of , because its study material stays permanently and uniformly to some extent. Although the consensus of matter is not found in human behavior, it can be said that in certain circumstances, the political conduct of a human being is of a certain type. In the words of Brice, “In the nature of human nature, uniformity and simplicity is found, with the help of which we can find out that by being influenced by the same types of reasons, man often performs one type of work.

3. The first symptom of ordering and systematic knowledge is that all his knowledge should be in a sequential form. This symptom is fully present in political science. Political science presents the order of the state government and other political institutions, concepts and ideas. In the political science, the present form is studied only on the basis of the past form of the state. Similarly, the study of political ideologies is done by classifying different sections on the basis of their trends. These are definite proofs of the orderly and systematic study found under the subject.

4. Reciprocal relation of causation – As a matter of fact, in the political sciences like raw materials science can not be established and direct relationship cannot be established, yet some general results can be drawn from the study of specialties. From the centrality of the powers, the interest is generated in the public for specific region and the rulers get corrupted without any restrictions given to the regime of peace.

5 Ability of speech – As far as the ability to prophesy is concerned, it can not be predicted like natural sciences in political science, but it is necessary to believe that it is possible to predict it even if it is not always true. Dr. Finer’s words “we can not predictably predict but potentially can do person only.” In addition, if the prediction is correct then it is considered to be the criterion of science, then many science like season science can not be called science because the predictions made by them are proved wrong many times. This is also one of the reasons why the scholars present in favor of believing all scholars as a science: Aristotle, Bodan, Hobbs, Metsesuke Lewis, Seismic bluntshli, Bugsr, Wilby, Jellenk, garner etc.

6. Supervision method- We can reach a certain conclusion by supervising the experiments done in political science. For example, by analyzing the experiments that have taken place in the country till today, we can say that the democratic system of governance is the best for the world. Where the democratic system is unsuccessful, there can be some specific suggestions by testing it. Therefore, most scholars of political science such as Aristotle, Manteis K.U., Lord Brice etc. have supported the method of supervision in their studies. 7. In the great sense, science-Rajna i can not have the certainty of natural science under the principles of order and purity or effect, but we must admit that all of these characteristics of science are partly also in political science. It can also be studied by scientific method and certain conclusions and rules can be made. Therefore political science is a science in its larger meaning, but like physics and chemistry, it is not definite and pure science.

But some thinkers who have such thinkers like Barker, Berkeley, Kamte, who are opposed to using the name of political science for this.Meaning and Content of politics

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