Describe political science as a political system.

Question 1- Define the meaning and definition of political science, consider its area (study area or nature) and nature. Or highlight traditional nature and modern definitions of political science and its nature and nature. Or “Political science begins with the end state.” Describe the description of Garner’s statement.: Describe political science as a political system.

To study the political life of the north-man, it is necessary to get the information of the institutions under which the person started his political career. Through which he is trying to develop his political life. The state is the most prominent among such political institutions. Human beings fulfill all their needs by state or society. Political science also comes under these social sciences, many social sciences were born through these needs of human beings and their social connections. Every social science does not study the overall aspects of social life, but only one aspect, the same applies to political science. As far as the study of political science is concerned, it covers all aspects of political life, including state, government, political organization and institutions, political activity and political relations. The creator of this topic, Greek thinker Aristotle is considered. Aristotle has given a detailed description in the context of this subject in his famous ‘Politics‘. Politics is synonymous with the English word “politics.” The word politics is derived from the Greek word “Polis”, which means the city is from the state. This city-state was a supreme and inclusive (inclusiv) union with political vision. Ancient Greece used to be small towns and states and the governance of these city states was realized. Along with changing times, the form of these city-states gradually developed and changed, and in the modern era, the nation states were established in place of the towns and states. Definition- Contrast differences in the definitions of politics, like other scriptures. It is defined by scholars in two parts. First Traditional Definition and Second Modern Definition | (1) Conventional definition- Various definitions of this subject have been presented by traditional scholars, which can be basically classified into three categories.

Political science is only in the form of state studies.
 Political science as the only government study
 Political Science as the ‘Disappearance of both State and Government’
1. In the form of state studies – some political scholars consider political science limited to state studies only. French writers Blantchelly, Garner, Geriz, Jelinek, Lewis etc. are prominent among the writers of this class. In Garner’s words, “Politics begins with the end and end of state.” According to Bluntley, Political science is the science that belongs to the state! And tries to explain the basic conditions of the state, its pran nature, its various forms and its development. 2 . As a government study- Some scholars see political science as a government study. The name of the scholars such as Stephen, Lecocard Tadha Sele in this class is very special. According to Leacock, “Political science is a system related to government”, according to Siele’s opinion, “the way economics is related to money, from biology life, to geometry, space and distance, politics is related to government.” As a study of both state and government – some scholars have introduced a broad perspective and it is said that political science is a science that studies both the state and the government. The names of Paljenet, Laski, Gettel, Gilchist, etc. are among such scholars. According to Paul Janet, “Political science is a part of social science in which the principles of the state and the principles of government are considered.” In the words of GillanCrice- ‘Both state and government are studied in state politics’. 2) Modern definition – In the context of modern definitions of political science, its study can be done in the following form. • Political science Political science is the study of power. Political science is the study of political system. Politicalism is the study of the decision process. (1) Humanitarian studies – which modern science scholars consider to be the study of human activity in Catlin, Bertland de Javignle , Is the behaviorist chief of Alexander Heard, Samuel Huntington. According to Katlin, “Politics Vij Knowledge is related to organized human society, but it basically studies the political aspects of community life. “According to Alexander Heard and Samuel Huntington -” Political behavior considers the rule of governance as the process of human and community work and its relationship is governed by the rule Political parties believe in the study of the activities of the underlying communities and the voters (2) is the study of power-the learned Rajan End treats studied power Unme primarily Laswell, Merinym, Max Weber, Bertennd Russell, Margenthau etc. According to Laswell’s theory- The principle of power is a basic principle in complete political science. He further states that all political processes are the study of the distribution, experimentation and influence of power.(3) Studies in the political system- those scholars who consider politics as a system of study, are certified chiefly as Adam, David Easton, Appetara etc. Politicians are an integral part of the entire society or social system, and they themselves understand the different processes of society. Therefore, it can be seen as the cluster of different processes of aggregation of their various behaviors expressed in the soaps among the people, which are called political behaviors. (4) Study of decision-making process – Some scholars advise political science and decision making process Studying science thinks, the principle of decision-making has become very popular over the past few years. The main reason for this is that the influence of decision making in political work has increased in the face.

The political science described above is based on modern definitions: It can be said that political science is a very broad subject. It is a study of state, government and political actions of human beings, and beyond this is the study of power, political system and decision making process.

The subject area (study area), like the definition of political science, also has differences among scholars in its subject area. Garner has divided the subject area into three parts (1) the nature and state of the state (2) the nature of the political institutions, their history and the exploration of various forms. (3) The principles of political development on the basis of excellence and exploration As much as possible According to Gatil, there are three things in the field, namely: (1) the study of the origins of the state and the political institutions and theories (2) the study of the existing political institutions and theories (3) the ideal form of the state.

 In the UNESCO Conference of 1948, it was advocated to include the following subject under its study area, which is: – (1) Political theories under the political theory and the history of political ideas; (2) Political institutions in which the Constitution, National Government, Regional and Local Governance, comparative political institutions, (3) political parties, pressure, group and public opinion (4) international relations Areas under International Politics, Law Organization and international administration. Based on the type of things that were expressed in this conference, the following are the main forms under the field: (i) Studying whole human life is not studied under political science. In the context of state institutions, only 2) Under the study of the state, the state has studied the past, present-day future. The government is also studied (3) Local, national and international problems are also studied under the study of political science. (4) It is also under study of governance. (5) Studies of other social sciences, which include economics, sociology, history psychology, pedagogy, education philosophy etc. (6) Under the study of this study, the study of the views of various scholars in Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Lecter Betent Russell Manu, Kautilya and Mahatma Gandhi in the history of political ideas as well as Individualism socialism, communism Many political ideas are also studied, such as Gandhianism. (7) The study of international law, relations and organizations, as well as the United Nations Organization of the United Nations, National and Regional Organizations like SAARC, , G-8 and other organizations, also comes under study. Conclusion based on the above explanation: We can say that the field of political science is very broad and comprehensive. Under this, all the things that come from politics are related to this. Even today, the development of civilization in its area continues to grow day by day. There is a difference of opinion among the scholars regarding the nature or nature of the nature or nature of the definition of political science. According to some scholars, this one but some scholars refused to accept it as science. This is known by them as a major montescu. Bice Lewissebwick, Garner etc. According to some scholars, political science is factual and neutral by values, but some scholars can not be separated from values, according to some scholars, the scholars do not believe in science as Bada.However, in order to clarify the nature of political science, it is necessary to have a brief explanation of both those who are fond of science and who are against it. Many scholars who have been following the ancient era have recognized political science as a science. Among them, the father of the famous Greek political thinker and politician Aristotle first analyzed political science as the best science. He believes that in Politics, they are generally the only ones who can be recognized as a science. Aristotle  took the support of the rest in his state legislative study. Above this, Bonda Yesbus Montesky Lewis, Bryce, Sigivik, Garnar etc. scholars have also considered it to be more preferable in the category of science. But there are some scholars other than the above mentioned scholars, in which Barker, Berkeley, Kamte, who are opposed to using the name of political science for this. These distillations have presented the following logic in favor of not accepting science, as in the case of first science, the condition of the relationship is not found in the causation. Like the law of gravity of mathematics in two and two, four or physics in second political science, there is an abnormal lack of facts on which all scholars agree. Ionian subjects of the third science are subjective material but the study of political science is a living human. Awakening and conscious power. Fourth substance science can be used in a laboratory, with the help of machines, manifold experiments can be done, which is not possible in politics, because study of political science is not in our control. Prophecy is possible in regard to any subject due to the rule of pharmacological science, but this prediction is never possible in political science. False science is objective. Its study area remains inanimate due to scientific emotions, while still studying with neutralism while staying neutral in the study of political science. Pure measurement is essential for true science, whereas pure measurement in political science is not possible.

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