Definition of Political philosophy ?

Political philosophy

Definition of Political philosophy ?
Some scholars have also addressed this topic as ‘Political philosophy’. According to them the nature of our subject is theoretical and philosophical, not practical. Under the study topic, we mainly study the basic facts related to political institutions, not their activities. Under this subject, we study the origins of the states in terms of their development, nature, purpose, human rights and duty and political beliefs, so that the main basis of state-related studies is these principles, hence it should be called political philosophy.

The entire world is studied in philosophy and in politics one major part of the world is studied, so it is advisable to call it a political philosophy from an attitude. Just as the basis of philosophy is imagination and logic, not science, in the same way, the basis of this subject is not science but imagination and logic. Confirmation of this opinion also comes from the statement of Halwale that “Political philosophy is not related to political institutions as it is from those ideas and aspirations in those institutions. No interest in it, how the facts happen, as it is in what happens and why? “

Thus there is a difference in political science and Raj Darshan. In fact, political science inspires all the subjects covered under political science, whereas politics is his philosophy.

One of the aspects. In other words, we can say that political philosophy is concerned with the ideas and aspirations contained in political institutions, whereas political science is concerned with the various aspects of all political institutions, political processes and the political system.

In fact, politics science is in line with our study subject, because under this term, our complete study comes. Political science also exposes the nature of the word subject. The word ‘political philosophy’ does not reveal the true nature of political science, but by saying political science it becomes clear that the subject presented is both a science and an art.

In addition to this, the meaning of science in the present time is taken from ‘a systematic, rational and developed knowledge’. Therefore political science can be a more respectable noun for this topic. Selley, Burgess, Willowby, Gattles, Garner, Lekak consider the term of political science as appropriate. In a conference held under the auspices of UNESCO in 1948, the scholars of political science, aggregated, declared the word ‘political science’ only. Gilakrive rightly said, “Political science is the most appropriate name from the point of view of discrimination and experimentation.”

As far as the ‘politics philosophy’ is concerned. The address of ‘Political philosophy’ is not appropriate for this broad topic, because this word limits it to theoretical field. There is absence of clarity and certainty regarding the subject of this word and at the same time there is no scientific and logical study of state related subjects. Hence the name ‘Political philosophy’ is not appropriate.
Definition of Political philosophy ?

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